Ap Summary Draft

As previously discussed in my applied project post, I am working on the topic of art and society because I want to find out how and why individuals use art to channel their creativity.

For this project, I helped the Director at the Museum of the White Mountains develop a show scheduled to be on view for February 2020. This exhibition will include a plethora of work; work from northern New Hampshire’s high school, college, and community education students. The goal of the show overall is to bring surrounding towns together as a whole with young adults artwork. The show description describes how art continues to serve a central purpose in our society and is integral to everyday life and education.

In terms of what I get out of this project, I have gained so much experience with seeing how an exhibition goes underway before even being announced to the public. I was able to incorporate every aspect of my major into my work, which personally validates the importance of pairing of art and sociology together. I also was able to pull information from my research article to further develop the text pieces and to communicate properly to the contributors of this upcoming exhibition.

This whole experience has opened my eyes to the many career paths this degree can lead me to. Looking back on  my lifework post, I feel as though I have gained an even stronger connection to my goals as I move forward with my journey. 

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